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Aly Adham re-elected to the Presidency of the Union of the road facilities

Published the 29 May 2019 in Event

Paris, the 23 may 2019 – Members of the Syndicat des Équipements de la Route (SER) re-elected at their General Assembly at the Maison des Polytechniciens, their President, Aly Adham, for a third term under the sign of "combat".

The opportunity for Aly Adham to recall "the long-standing commitment of the SER to road safety stakeholders., local and territorial authorities but also infrastructure managers in order to enhance the role of road equipment and its beneficial effects on the safety of all road users".
Mantra du SER, the management of the heritage of road equipment was this year honored via an IFOP survey presented to the Senate last April. This once again highlighted the link between the performance of road equipment and road safety.. Thus, 93% departmental councils and 98% of the town halls surveyed acknowledge their essential role, especially in difficult driving conditions, at night and in degraded weather.

A life at the service of road equipment
Civil engineer by training and holder of a 3rd cycle, Aly Adham has been involved for most of 34 years in the business of road equipment (half in engineering and the other half in industries). He has been President of the SER since 2017 and member of the Union since 8 years as President General of ISOSIGN.
His company, which he created in 2007, currently employed 85 employees and has a turnover of €14M. ISOSIGN, labeled Empli'tude en 2019 for its social commitment, specializes in design, the manufacture and marketing of road equipment in France and internationally in accordance with the standards in force and certified CE/NF by ASCQUER (vertical and horizontal road signs, digital solutions, Road markings, Furniture and signage in urban areas).

Reminder, the General Assembly of the SER was held on Thursday 23 may 2019 at the Maison des Polytechniciens in Paris. Mathieu Flonneau, mobility specialist and lecturer at the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, In particular, he gave a conference on the theme "Road equipment at the heart of road ecosystems" : Breaks, Continuities, Reinventions, transitions».
About the Syndicat des Equipements de la Route
The SER brings together the main French companies involved in the design and manufacture of road equipment.. The Union is organised around 6 sections : "Signs". (panels, etc.), "Horizontal signs. (pavement marking, etc.), "Restraint systems. (guard rails, etc.), "Traffic control". (lights, etc.), – "Security, markup, construction sites" and "Acoustic protection". Road equipment represents a turnover of 1,5 billion euros and more than 6000 jobs.
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